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Ben Tafoya and Dennis Tafoya are the co-hosts of The Emerging Majority radio program heard throughout Massachusetts on commercial radio and around the world through the web. Find out more information about our philosophy and show content at .

Ben Tafoya is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Economics. He has been in business for nineteen years, largely in the technology sector, and has worked for a US Senator and numerous candidates for public office.
Ben believes in Economic Democracy, the sliding curve ball, and that he and Lauren Graham from the Gilmore Girls probably have a lot in common, if only she would return his calls. He and his long-suffering girlfriend live in Reading, Massachusetts.

Dennis Tafoya is a salesman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He has worked in the technology sector for twenty years and also serves on the board of a local center for peace education and conflict resolution. He has a wife and three children.
He doesn't have any fancy-pants degree from a high-falutin' university, and he thinks that while Paul Krugman can cogently describe the problems with the Bush Administration economic policy, so can Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train."