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October 07, 2003



once again you communist anti-american pricks cant attack Pres Bush on his policies and like the pussies you are attack him personally. You know the whole story behind the "leak" do you??you seem to know the whole story and what to impressive!! please do us a favor and move out of the country like some of your left wing political morons in hollywood promised but as expected reneged and continue to infest our brains with their and your moronic idealogy you share with your French asshole buddies. You and the Democratic party should fess up and admit you're really members of the Communist party along with your propoganda rags Boston Globe, NY/LA times etc.......I'm proud to serve under a man with guts and determination unlike his predecessor Slick Willy your hero the draft dodger. You're no more "The Emerging Majority" and like the Democratic party you'll soon be known as the "shrinking minority" as your're so out of touch with the norm and common sense has escaped your tiny brains. Please tax and spend your own selves out of existence...............

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